Link Popularity and Pursuit of the Edge

In online business we often discuss the idea of ‘edge’.This elusive ‘edge’ is what you apparently need if you want something better than your online competition. So we are advised to pursue this ‘edge’ with everything we have.’Edge’ apparently is something closely linked with the proverbial Fountain of Youth. It can feed into the very elements needed for long-term success in online business.So we talk about the ‘edge’, we yearn for the ‘edge’ and we pay money to find out more clues about what ‘edge’ can do for us.The problem with ‘edge’ I suppose is it can get dull rather quickly. After all many have found the ‘edge’ and then it slipped away somehow and they were left edgeless.However losing the ‘edge’ only compels us to search for it with greater diligence. To yearn for it’s sharp blade.When it comes to online business one of the many potential ‘edge’ concepts is link popularity. Now, by itself it can be helpful, but it only becomes an ‘edge’ component when combined with other online strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive method that plays by the rules of search engine algorithms to help place your site as high in the rankings as possible. This strategy is generally facilitated through maximizing keyword strategies within the site itself along with consistently fresh content.Link popularity is a process that operates completely outside your own website. This strategy requires that you take your message to other sites in the hope that they will provide a link back to your website in either a links section or through blogging or forum posting. Link popularity is about encouraging others to share your site with the masses.Why can this provide that elusive ‘edge’? Well, most of the ‘edge’ comes in the form of click through from third party sites to yours.In a social networking environment it is not far-fetched to have individuals place multiple links to sites they get excited about, but that’s not the only type of site you can see positive results from link popularity.If your fresh content is picked up through a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed it may be used in blogs by those who appreciate access to expert opinion (especially the kind they can reuse for their own benefit). They may use your content and link back to your site.Link popularity can also improved by using an ‘edge’ known as free articles. By placing articles of expertise in a free-articles directory many people will have access to your wisdom and you are granted another back-link improving your overall site popularity. When you replace your online content consider maximizing the material by making it available for a second time through a free-articles directory.The search engines constantly ‘slurp’ the web looking for back links as a demonstration of link popularity for sites and it is this exact ‘edge’ that can help you shift gears in your quest for quality search engine rankings.In the end, the ‘edge’ may not be as elusive as you may have thought. It may not be found in link popularity strategies alone, but the link ‘edge’ goes a long way in helping you achieve your online goals and objectives sooner rather than either later – or never.

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